Accept necessary cookies

Companies Intermedix Czech Republic as a mediator of marketing services and CompuGroup Medical Czech Republic as a provider of ambulatory information systems voluntary commit themselves to adhere to this code of ethics when placing marketing notifications to medical software applications.

Uninterrupted run of the programme

The course of work of a doctor using medical software will not be interrupted by incoming commercial information.

Keeping doctor’s sovereignty

Doctors themselves choose the medication. Medical programme does not conduct an automatic substitution of the chosen medicinal product.


Commercial informational offers from pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies and third subjects are in the system clearly distinguishable for the users.

Functionality of computer programme

Marketing information does not restrict usage of programme functions of medical information systems.

Drug database

Drug database including prices of medicinal products is provided as a component of medical information system. Medicinal products are ordered in the base of medical information system alphabetically, according to their name.

Non-commercial version

The provider of medical information systems offers versions of the programmes without marketing notifications. Doctors can change from the advantageous commercial version of programme to the non-commercial one.